Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Training



Group ride comes around again and what a ride we had. The weather was cold but bright and the roads were dry which was smashing. The route I'd planned worked out really well as it incorporated a "mountain" (well, hill) section which made a big difference to the ride coming at the mid point so there was plenty of riding before it and also plenty of riding after it.

TSS for the ride was 203 with a NP of 264W so a pretty hard ride. I'm not too sure how my legs will cope with tomorrow's HIT session but I'll just have to see how I get on, one has to train to recover as well as to ride.

So another week draws to a close and another week which I feel has been a success. I'm just keeping my CTL ticking along in the 80s at the moment as there is plenty of time to build that in the Spring when the weather warms up. This Winter for me is going to be about higher intensity training in the hope that I can push up my MAP ready for an FTP build in the New Year, worth a try!

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ATL: 92.5 CTL: 87.3 TSB: +5.8

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