Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday Training



Was planning a short L2 ride today but got carried away and changed my plans, isn't that what plans are for? Decided to do 2 laps of a new local circuit which is about 14+ miles in length and includes 2 significant climbs and is generally pretty up and down for most of the way. Quite nice riding like this because you never feel too far from home if the weather deteriorates and you don't get that "it's an awful long way home" feeling when the wind suddenly picks up!

My 2 circuits went well and I've used the data to produce a .merp file and a .erg file which I can use to good effect in the Winter when I need to ride a hilly route for a couple of hours and it's snowing.

Things are shaping up Ok at the moment. To review this session click here.

ATL: 78.7 CTL: 84.4 TSB: +9.6

[Uploaded 18/10/2009 19:04:21]

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