Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday Training



No heroics today, as if there ever are! Had a terrible night's sleep last night so didn't feel very good to start with but I stuck with it (I wanted to pack in) and got through the session. It's surprising but as so often happens I felt better at the 25-30 minute point and things were Ok thereafter. Wish I knew what happens physiologically after this length of time but I don't think anyone really does.

So, the session was just some straightforward L3 work done using an ERG+ generated file with the random load generator. Definitely less tedious than the isopower sessions I was doing and I am sure more beneficial.

Before we went out I spent a bit of time redoing my 2 RAMP test files as .erp files with a built in warmup. I now have both elite and non-elite protocols set up. The elite protocol increases the load by 20W every minute in steps of 5W every 15 seconds. The non elite protocol increases the load by 25W every minute in steps of 5W every 12 seconds. A bit tedious to set up but they are done now and I think much better than setting them up in 25W steps, won't be long before I'm using one of them!

Out on the road tomorrow I hope :-)

ATL: 74.1 CTL: 83.7 TSB: +9

[Uploaded 16/10/2009 19:38:42]

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