Thursday, 29 October 2009

Thursday Training



Spent some time today working on a scheme I've been thinking about to use a set of .erg files in the online library as a means of performing an FTP Checkup. I was pretty tired from training in the previous days but in the end decided to try one of the files for myself to see how it felt for real.

Decided to ride the 300W rider file which involved a 5 minute 115% FTP TT followed by a 20 minute TT at 106% of FTP, in my case 318W. As I was tired this felt like hard work but it did give me the definite feeling that this system is going to be a very worthwhile way of checking up regularly on my FTP without performing lengthy tests, I thought it went very well.

Was pleased to get to the end of the session but was also pleased that I had done it. HR peaked at around 176 so I know there is more in the system. I suspect that my FTP currently lies somewhere between 300 and 315W and over the next few weeks I'll run a couple more of the checkup files and see where I'm at. Given the weight I've lost I'm pleased to have maintained my FTP above 300W, particularly fatigued and at this time of year.

It's interesting to note that according to my TSB I should be pretty fresh but in reality I feel quite tired, I think this is due to the switch to higher intensity training rather than the longer steadier work. I'm sure I'll get used to it but it does act as a reminder that how one feels and what the numbers say can be very different, never ignore how you actually feel. If your TSB is strongly positive and you feel tired, you are still tired!

Pleased with today's work but feeling tired, will be resting and eating tomorrow :-)

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ATL: 76.6 CTL: 82.2 TSB: 11.1

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