Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wednesday Training



Finally reached my recovery day and I was glad to see it come after HOP, HIT, HIT for the last three days, hmm... sounds like a new dance!

This was a very easy and uncomplicated session which passed without any problems at all. There is always some little thing happening and at the moment it's the HR belt that came with my VeloTron, the plastic catch has broken, I always thought it looked a bit feeble.

Every cloud and all that though, the VeloTron will pick up the HR signals from a Polar belt so I'm using that and collecting HR data for a few sessions on my Polar HR watch. The only reason I'm doing this is so that just for specific identical sessions (eg HOP) I can superimpose the HR traces just to see if there are any visible changes over time as I'm going to be doing the session for months so it might be interesting. Might as well use it!

And the bad news is, HOP planned for tomorrow, I'll see how my legs feel!

ATL: 70 CTL: 81.1 TSB: 7.5

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