Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tuesday Training



The second HIT/L6 session of the week and as always this was no picnic!

When I started I did have thoughts in my mind that I'd possibly not finish the session but as time went on things seemed to be going Ok and with a bit of determination the end of the efforts came.

My gut feeling is that if my legs were fresh I'd now be able to get through a 2x10 session of these efforts which is my objective but I'll give it another week or so and let the HOP workout bed in as I don't want to be increasing things on several fronts as once.

Pleased that our little group has expanded with 2 new members but at the same time I'm concerned that our scheduled meetings are very infrequent and probably insufficient to really get the group to build up a head of steam. Such is life, we can do what we can do, I'll keep bashing on, just got to keep working away through the Winter, difficult time of year.

ATL: 74.8 CTL: 82.3 TSB: +7

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