Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday Training



The first L6 session of the week rolls around again. Wasn't looking forward to this too much after yesterday's Hour of Power and with good reason as it turned out, this was hard work.

After the introductory 5x30 second efforts I'd started to have serious doubts about whether I'd get to the end. However, once I'd got half way through the 10x30 second efforts I'd rallied a bit and I got through to the finish line Ok.

This was a tough session which I guess is why they are supposed to be effective, hopefully come the Spring it will all have been worthwhile. This Winter is going to have a very strong high intensity rather than endurance focus, it's not going to be fun, I hope it's going to be effective.

I'm expecting my CTL to fall somewhat over the Winter and with that I'll be training with a generally +ve TSB which should allow me to keep doing this higher intensity work without significant problems. I'll not be doing anything hard if my TSB goes much below about -10, that's the plan anyway.

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ATL: 75.7 CTL: 82.6 TSB: +6.3

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