Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday Training



Day two of this week's L6 block today. Added an extra effort to the first block which took it up to 3, so 3 30 second efforts followed by a five minute recovery, followed by the 10 30 second efforts block.

During the earlier part of this session I had mentally convinced myself that my chance of getting to the end was low. my legs felt tired and for a while I felt as if I was working my way through treacle. However, I pushed on and after about 25 minutes things started to feel a whole lot easier and I really started to look forward to the efforts starting. All a bit worrying really! ;-)

Anyway, the efforts came and went and I got through them certainly as well as I have ever done, particularly as I am now doing more than double the number of efforts I started off with 4 weeks ago. There is no doubt at all that I could have continued and done at least several more efforts but always better to quit whilst you are ahead and end on a positive note, rather than grind to a halt.

I'm not sure why the session went as well as it did but I'm not complaining. I guess I'm making some progress and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when testing time arrives. I'll be happy with a modest MAP gain and then I can start working again on my FTP to take advantage of the little bit of "headroom" I'm hoping I will have developed.

Easy day tomorrow and hopefully my increased sleep will be helping my recovery from these sessions, feels good so far, long may it continue.

ATL: 80.4 CTL: 85.6 TSB: +3.7

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