Monday, 12 October 2009

Monday Training



Yes, it's that day again which means it's time to begin week 4 of my HIT programme. The plan today was to add another pair of 30 second L6 efforts in front of the existing set of 10 efforts as a start to building towards 2x10 30 second efforts over the forthcoming weeks.

Set up the session as usual using ERG+ and away I went. Found this pretty tough but got to the end Ok, the 2 veloTron sessions over the weekend certainly hadn't left my legs feeling fresh and the 2 minutes @ 100% just before the first pair of efforts all added to the entertainment.

Anyway, it's done and I'm getting to the point now where I believe if this training is making a difference it should be making a measurable difference, to my MAP at least. Another couple of weeks including this week will have seen me doing these sessions for 5 weeks which will be 10 HIT sessions over 5 blocks. According to the literature this should be enough of these sessions to induce a measurable adaptation, the MAP test will reveal all!

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More L6 tomorrow, could get messy!

ATL: 82.3 CTL: 86.1 TSB: +1.9

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