Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Training



Quite a windy day and pretty chilly so opted to continue with my experimentation with files generated using the ERG+ package. Using the same original data file as I used for yesterday's workout I produced a .erg file which rather than a series of isopower blocks (hats in ERG+ "speak") was made up of a series of varying power lines as shown below.

I found this workout extremely realistic in comparison with the road ride from which the file was generated.

I am more and more convinced that indoor training particularly using these varying power .erg files is going to be hugely beneficial. I'll be doing some formal testing in the next few weeks which will give me a clear idea of where I currently stand and in particular whether my high intensity block at the beginning of the week is bearing any fruit.

So, all on track at present and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go during next weekend's 50 mile chain gang. I'm hoping to be starting to feel the benefit of my work, particularly when those inevitable 400+ watt surges come along.

Speaking of HIT, that's the plan for tomorrow, week 4 of the series. To review this workout click here.

ATL: 84.7 CTL: 86.6 TSB: +5.2

[Uploaded 11/10/2009 18:13:12]

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