Saturday, 10 October 2009

Saturday Training



Bit of a new departure for me today. 2 weeks ago I did some road trials on a TT bike I have on loan and collected the power data during the session. Today, using a .erg file generated using the ERG+ package, I rode the session again but on the VeloTron having extracted any coasting or stopped sections and it really did work extremely well. This arrangement has considerable potential to benefit my Winter training greatly.

The TSS for the indoor and outdoor versions were pretty much identical and the IF for the indoor ride was actually slightly higher than the outdoor version and of course there was no coasting time as one gets out on the road.

All in all an excellent session and certainly a training arrangement I will be using frequently. The real beauty is that I can now scale this workout up or down by whatever percentage I wish and also, if my FTP alters, the workout can be automatically recalculated to reflect this to ensure that I continue to make the same effort relative to my FTP.

I believe that I may be onto something here which will see me stronger in the Spring :-) To review the session click here.

ATL: 80.7 CTL: 85.9 TSB: +9

[Uploaded 10/10/2009 15:12:19]

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