Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday Training



Just ticking over today with a L2 session at 50-55% of FTP. No problems at all, would have been worried if there were! Just starting to get a bit concerned with my numbers below, it's going to be hard work getting back to where I was from here. At least the TrainingPeaks project has now had it's back broken, almost broken mine too.

ATL: 52.6 CTL: 73.2 TSB: 18.4

[Uploaded 15/11/2009 17:52:34]

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  1. The numbers are far better than mine. CTL now 67.
    Still managing 4-5 sessions per week. But no 4 hour rides makes a big dent in the numbers, but hopefully not in FTP.

    FTP and CV maintenance phase at present. Maintain base ready for build ahead. No worries.