Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Training



Started today's training of with a 10 minute warm-up as my plan was to try a 4km individual pursuit using the 3D software and see how I got on. The pursuit actually went prety well, I started from a standing start and managed to average about 357W which I was pretty pleased with in the depths of December.

I think if you have the facilities it is a very useful thing to do to regularly test yourself over various distances, albeit informally. It's only months or even years later that this data really comes into it's own and in any event little tests like these break the routine of Winter training, which can otherwise get pretty tedious!

After the pursuit I rode the same 25 mile 3D course I rode yesterday to give me a bit of an aerobic workout and to try to keep up the training volume in the face of the dreadful weather, which looks set to continue. Averaged just over 200W for about 70 minutes so even though I've not been able to get out safely I've kept up a reasonable training volume in spite of the weather and I remain on track after 3 weeks of my Winter training plan.

Onward to Paris! Must admit I'm already starting to get excited about the Tour de France ride, I think I've managed to find the flights I need for the trip for Lorena and I so plan to book up very shortly.

ATL: 63.5 CTL: 68 TSB: 5.6

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