Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesday Training



Used one of my FTP Check-up .erg files today to see exactly where I am before really getting into the Winter programme. I'm afraid it didn't go very well and I didn't really feel on top of the job from the start!

Anyway, I rode the 310W rider file and I got through the 5 minute TT @ 356W, not comfortable but manageable. About half way through the 20 minute TT I was pretty uncomfortable @ 329W and my legs felt pretty poor and my HR didn't seem to be rising to cope with the effort so I pulled the plug.

Could I have reached the end? The answer is probably yes if my life had depended on it but it didn't! I know from a recent FTP check-up ride that I can do the 300W rider file and based on today's session I am going to fix my FTP for the programme at 305W and see where I am at the end of it by re-riding the 310W check-up file. 305W is certainly accurate enough to set my training levels for the Winter plan and that's what it was all about. I am confident that even today, not fully rested, that I could have ridden the 305W rider check-up file.

I feel a bit disappointed and it is easy to forget that it is the beginning of December, nobody likes to see their FTP falling but at this time of year it's pretty much inevitable. What matters is where I am next year, not where I am at the start of my Winter plan!

So, I'll update my records and on we go for the next 12 weeks of fun and games!

ATL: 74.3 CTL: 72.8 TSB: -3.3

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