Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday Training



As part of my Winter plan I am ensuring that I continue to do some higher intensity efforts and today it was time to introduce my L5 work into the plan, which I love :-/ I used a file from the appropriate .erg library and did 6x3 minute efforts, each effort with a load varying automatically between 106-120% of FTP.

This sort of training is never comfortable but I got through it in reasonable shape and was never anywhere near my MHR so I was happy with the way the session went. The average wattages for the efforts were around 340W which is where I wanted to be working and I can build on this over time.

I just think it is very important not to neglect this aspect of training over the Winter because if you do, as I have discovered, it comes as too much of a shock come the Spring.

Week 2 of the VTWinterPlan is going just fine, easy day scheduled for tomorrow, just a nice easy walk, we'll see :-)

ATL: 64.5 CTL: 70.1 TSB: 6.6

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