Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sunday Training



The snow and the ice continue and in spite of all this the VTWinterPlan rolls on. Instead of my road ride today I repeated my 46 mile 3D course, the same one I rode last weekend.

I rode the course against my previous performance which is always an added spur and was pleased to finish about 3 minutes quicker than my previous ride, with a very similar average heart rate.

Made the mistake of stopping briefly at the half way point, the stopping wasn't the problem it was eating too high a GI snack which must have caused an insulin spike and I felt pretty wobbly for a while afterwards. On the graph you can see how my power output dropped after I stopped, at about the 1:07:25 mark. I did this once before on the tandem when we stopped and I ate an ice cream and felt terrible for a while afterwards, it takes about 15+ minutes to get over it.

So, take it from me, eat and drink steadily and consistently rather than stopping and eating a sugary snack, but then we all know that don't we!

All in all an excellent session, much safer and more effective than going out in the ice and the freezing cold. Still managing to cover about 150 high quality "miles" per week and given the recent conditions that's just fine, it's the quality that counts, plenty of time for quantity in the Spring when it's warmer.

To review this session: click here.

ATL: 62.2 CTL: 65.2 TSB: 11.3

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