Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Training



Today's session sees me arriving at the end of week 6, the half way point of my Winter Plan, amazing how quickly it has passed and I've managed to stick with it very well so far, long may it continue. Throughout the plan so far I have kept my TSB slightly +ve which I am happy with as I decided before the plan started that I didn't want to spend the Winter feeling tired all the time, I want to be fresh to start my Spring build towards zero hour in July.

The weather here remains awful so I was indoors again for the long ride of the week. Today I elected to ride one of the routes I'd generated from GPS data, a hilly 50 miles. In the end I was on the VeloTron for just under 2.5 hours which was fine. I reckon a ride like that is worth at least 3.5 hours on the road, no free-wheeling or draughting.

The ride generated a TSS of a bit under 150 and brought this weeks indoor mileage up to 162 miles with a weekly TSS of around 500, absolutely fine for the time of year. I don't expect to really start a steady CTL build for at least another 6 weeks which will give me about 16 weeks to build by CTL before the big ride starts.

If my CTL hovers in the mid 60s until I start my build and I then manage to build at 2 CTL points per week that would give me a CTL, when I depart, of probably around 90 which would be just fine for the start of the ride. By the time I've done 3 or 4 flat stages it will be well over 100 and Lord knows what it will do after that!

All looks good on paper, let's hope it all works out in practice.

ATL: 68.9 CTL: 66.2 TSB: 5.1

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