Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday Training



Still lots of snow and ice and lots to do on the home front. Opted for a bit of steady L3 work @ 80% of FTP which was pretty uneventful and presented no problems.

I've started the grisly task of transferring all my data onto a different PC which is always a gruesome job. Buying new equipment is great at the time but in my experience the pleasure in it's use comes some way down the line when all the grief is over and done with!

My objective is to get to the point where I can use the ErgVideo system for some of my training but at the moment to achieve this using a 64-bit W7 PC is looking unlikely with the VeloTron. I'll continue to try though, and see where it leads me. Sometimes I wish I could just leave systems alone and not be constantly trying to "improve" things, I really do almost drive myself mad, Lord knows what it does to Lorena.

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