Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday (not) Training


Rest day today, I like rest days. I'm now well and truly into my efforts to get the VeloTron running on the 64-bit W7 PC and it's not going well. Even though the machine is a very good specification whenever I try to run VTCS in any of it's modes the video slows down and is just generally hopeless. On top of this the generated loads vary wildly and make the whole thing generally unrideable.

I've been hoping for some support from RacerMate but to be honest it hasn't been all that I'd hoped for and hasn't significantly moved things forward. On the other side of the coin I've had some excellent help and advice from Mark Liversedge and also Paul Smeulders of ErgVideo fame, they have really kept me going.

Almost 2 weeks now since my Mum went into hospital and she is still struggling but it seems that she may be heading home in the near future which will be much better for her. Really hoping things work out well.

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