Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Training


Today I had an Hour of power workout scheduled but I decided to replace this with another ErgVideo session as I make my transition from winter to spring training, even though spring presently seems a long way away, it's been snowing again today.

Part of the reason I decided to do this was just by way of a change and to keep my training interesting but also to continue to improve my skills in the use of the ErgVideo system. I particularly want to develop further my expertise in the use of the ErgVideo Coach package and to continue to transfer some of my existing plans to the ErgVideo format.

Anyway, that's the background! I decided to ride just over an hour of the Mt Ventoux climb and I ended up riding up as far as Chalet Reynard as that was how I planned the workout. It's great to be able to plan these sessions to deliver the right TSS/IF etc. easily beforehand so you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.

This workout delivered a TSS of 91.4 with a NP for the hour of 263W so this wasn't an easy session, not by my standards anyway! If anything I think I found the session slightly more taxing than the Hour of Power though I don't think there was a lot in it. This session was slightly longer but the main difference was the unpredictable nature of when the efforts would come, as happens on the road. I think it is for this reason that this method of training is going to prove invaluable to me at this stage of the season.

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ATL: 57.2 CTL: 58.6 TSB: 5.3

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