Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday Training



Steady session planned for today so again I decided to substitute this to gain some more experience with the ErgVideo system. Decided to drop the % of FTP ridden at below 100% and tailor this to be a L2/L3 workout riding this time the whole of the Mont Ventoux climb.

The session went really well and passed surprisingly quickly, it was great to see from a rider's perspective exactly what the climb is like and I'm looking forward to riding it for real one day, especially coming back down.

My CTL graph is just starting to tilt upwards which is how I've planned things and I have a longer ride scheduled tomorrow, almost certainly indoors, which will give it another little push in the right direction. I realised earlier on today that tomorrow is actually the last day of my scheduled winter plan and I now move into the spring build period.

It's quite amazing really to consider that my Tour de France ride starts in just about 19 weeks and that time will fly by. My current CTL is around 60 so if I can raise my CTL by say 1.5 to 2 points per week that should see me up around 90 by the time the ride starts and I reckon that's high enough to do the job.

If I'm wrong it's going to a nasty shock!

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ATL: 61.9 CTL: 59.5 TSB: 1.3

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