Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Training



Ice and snow prevail here in Alnwick again so the work continues on the VeloTron with another ErgVideo ride, this time using the Ride to the Tour video. This ride went very well but being 2 hours and 35 minutes long I was getting a bit tired by the end, as always with this type of training there is little respite from the effort which is simply "extracted" from you by the .erg file you are running.

The major challenge of this ride came in the last 10 minutes or so with an average wattage of over 300W rising to a maximum of 422W, just what you need after 2.5 hours on a turbo trainer but I guess I only have myself to blame, I configured the ride.

Really quite getting into using the intellicoach system to set up my ErgVideo workouts prior to riding them, it's just so convenient to do it this way once you have your head round it, which I now think I have, just about. The sprints in the middle of the ride I had been rather dreading but in the end I quite "enjoyed" them, they certainly spiced up a turbo session. A very rapid wattage change from zero to just under 600w is never going to be comfortable, especially when you have about one fast twitch fibre in each leg!

So, the winter plan draws to a close and the spring build begins, the winter plan has gone well, I've stuck to it and I feel that I've lost very little in terms of my general fitness which considering the sort of winter we have had here I am very pleased about. I'm not super powerful, I never will be, but on long rides, which is what I am training for, I am pretty confident that I can keep churning out the watts and that my physiology is well developed to support this type of riding.

I've decided to continue for most of the next month with my ErgVideo based rides for the most part, until I can get out onto the road. This will give me more experience with this exciting training medium and I also want to see where it takes me in terms of performance. My plan is to ride mainly ErgVideos for the next month and then return to my .erg files and see how they then feel by way of comparison, if they feel a bit easier I'm doing the right thing, if they feel harder it's time to revert to the .erg files.

CTL rose by about 2.5 this week, that's about as much of a weekly rise as I need or want, if I can just keep that up all will be well.

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ATL: 71.5 CTL: 61.6 TSB: -2.4

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