Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday Training



I would during my winter plan have been taking a day off today but I'm feeling fine and am making hay whilst the sun shines. Where possible my plan is to perform a workout each day with probably 2 days of the week being very light days with a workout on those days designed to hit a TSS target of my current CTL which should secure a long term steady build. Naturally as and when I feel the need for days of complete rest I shall take them.

You will have gathered from the above that I don't subscribe to the view that you must take X days of rest each week on days Y and Z as part of a programme. It's far better in my view to train when you feel good and to rest when you feel you need to rest, the human body is remarkably good at taking care of itself, given the right support in doing so.

So, another ErgVideo session today, it's amazing how many different sessions you can generate from a limited number of discs, the possibilities are almost endless, even the scenery seems different when looked at in the context of different workouts, though clearly it isn't!

This session was made up of part of the Ride to the Tour video with 3 repeats of one section with a hard uphill finish which I always find tough but I am sure it will help me in the long run. One of the most noticeable things I'm finding about ErgVideo training is that I hadn't appreciated fully how much of a benefit one gets from the recovery periods during some of the .erg file sessions I do, it's going to be very interesting to see whether changing my approach for a month will bring about any further noticeable adaptations.

Something I have noticed about my use of the ErgVideo system, my TSB is now lower than it has been throughout the winter, the build has begun.

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ATL: 71.3 CTL: 61.8 TSB: -9.8

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