Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tuesday Training



Still feeling good today so scheduled a L3 session with some efforts up to threshold. Continuing with my plan using the ErgVideos I have and this time rode 3 repeats of the section leading up to Chalet Raynard.

My TSB is falling as my CTL is climbing which is exactly what I expect and want at this time of year. In spite of my recent training sessions having some pretty high intensity efforts in them I seem to be recovering well from them which is absolutely essential, also still sleeping well which is a good indicator of things going according to plan and not overdoing it.

The way I seem to be coping with the higher intensity work suggests to me that my winter plan has done it's job preparing me for this phase of my training but I'll not be getting complacent, there is a long long way to go yet and many potential opportunities to overdo things which could be catastrophic.

Far better to be a little less fit and a little heavier than to be light and ill, that's no good to anyone at all.

ATL: 71.3 CTL: 62.1 TSB: -9.8

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