Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday Training



Continuing with my plan of trying to do a ride each day of an equivalent TSS to my current CTL. The workout I had scheduled for today involved riding 3 repeats of a section of the motorpacing ErgVideo. For some inexplicable reason when I had planned the session yesterday I'd included a section of the ride which incorporated 2 pretty short hard efforts at 500+ Watts and I therefore ended up with a ride which included 6 of these efforts, whoopee!

Anyhow, the ride went well and I managed the more challenging sections without grinding to a halt, they key is to get the cadence high before the effort really bites if at all possible and generate the power through leg speed rather than having to rely on pure force which rapidly leads to high levels of suffering in my experience.

Very little time for recovery in this type of training but the time passed quite quickly as I watched the Canadian countryside go by in the company of my pacing motorcyclist, torturer that he is! The ride delivered the planned TSS and so far this week I am on target with my plans. I think looking back that it's time to take a day off which I think I'll do tomorrow as I have a few things I need to get done so the timing looks good.

So, another day of training done on the road to Paris, it's a lot of work but it will all be worth it I am sure, worthwhile things never come easy and if I don't put in the work the Tour de France ride will be just one huge sufferfest, which it may of course be anyway!

ATL: 71.4 CTL: 62.3 TSB: -9.2

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