Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday (not) Training


My first day off training today and I feel that the timing was good, I felt in need of a pause and I'm sure I'll be ready to plough on with my plan tomorrow. The nearest I got to any cycling related activity today was probably buying a large external hard drive to store my ErgVideo library on and also to use as a storage depot for home videos. I'll also use it to back up my iTunes library which is a bit of a space guzzler to say the least. The disc I bought has a 1.5TB capacity so I reckon that should last a while even if I start doing some more on bike filming when/if the weather picks up.

I think tomorrow will see me back on the Ride to the Tour experience, the great thing is unless you plan them to be so these rides are never the same twice which certainly makes indoor training a whole lot more bearable.

Bit annoyed at the moment that I've put some weight back on and now need to lose around 0.5lb per week up until I leave for the Tour de France ride if I am to hit my power to weight target. I think this is perfectly realistic and even though I've gained a few pounds I'm in a much better position that I normally am at this time of year, thanks to previous efforts :-)

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