Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Training



Another ErgVideo session today but again a different session planned as mentioned earlier on. The actual ride data, as always, matched the predicted values very closely which was great. Today I rode 2 20 minute repeats of the mid section of the Ride to the Tour video and managed to include the section where the The Tour itself came through so it was nice to see a little glimpse of that from a roadside spectator's point of view, it's certainly quite a spectacle.

This was a good solid tempo session, it's very hard to increase one's CTL when pretty much confined to indoor training. It's amazing how "easy" it is out on the road to elevate your CTL, a couple of hours out on the road at a decent pace and you soon clock up 150+ points which makes a huge difference to your CTL build. Training indoors a 100 TSS session is hard work as many of the sessions are only about an hour so that's the equivalent of an hour spent at threshold in order to gain 100 points, you can't really keep doing that day after day on a turbo!

Anyway, I look to be about on target for my 2 points of CTL elevation this week and it will soon be March, surely the weather will pick up soon?

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