Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday Training



Looking at the summary data for this session it looks to be a sweet spot session but this felt like a tough session, it delivered a TSS of about 100 for a 75 minute workout, the NP for the session was 270W.

Looking at the graph of the session you can see that I have marked the band which corresponds to my sweet spot intensity. As you can see, particularly later in the session when you are starting to fatigue a bit, there are very significant periods well above sweet spot and in fact well above threshold.

I thought this was quite a good illustration of how misleading summary data can be and also an illustration of why I feel this sort of training at this time of year makes an excellent substitute for road riding. One of the key things about ErgVideo training as far as I am concerned is that you have to respond to efforts that you have not planned, the surges are the efforts made by real people out on the road, which is exactly what happens in the real world.

This was a good but tiring session and I think this sort of work is going to stand me in good stead for the long climbs of the Tour de France ride, either that or it will kill me, and I hope that's not the case!

Onwards and upwards, forward to Paris, here comes the chunky guy with the hairy legs!

ATL: 68.8 CTL: 62.1 TSB: -3.4

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