Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday Training

Another pretty hard ErgVideo session using the Ride to the Tour DVD. It's a constant source of amazement to me just how many different workouts you can plan from a single DVD, and I find the time passes so much more quickly using this system. I have no doubt though that there is still a very real place for structured .erg file training in my programme.

It is going to be very interesting in about 2 weeks time when I revisit some of my standard .erg file workouts and see what, if any, difference the use of the ErgVideo system has made, until that time I've got no real way of knowing. I'm pretty sure in my own mind that training this way is making me stronger in terms of dealing with sudden pace changes and extended periods of what, for me, is very hard work.

Today's session once again incorporated the sprint sections which, because I was riding the session with FTPReal=FTPSet, were harder than previously. My output was rising to above 660W for the 2 sprints and they were very uncomfortable, particularly towards the end of the second one. It's definitely much "easier" to produce these kinds of wattages out on the road rather than seated on an indoor trainer!

Anyhow, the session delivered the TSS I wanted and had planned and this week has seen the 2+ rise in my CTL that I have been planning on, still without going out on the road, but it's not easy. It will get even more difficult the longer I'm stuck indoors. Never mind, it's March tomorrow and I think things will pick up in the next week or so.

To review the session data: click here.

ATL: 75.5 CTL: 63.7 TSB: -6.7

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