Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday Training

Another return to Mt Ventoux to continue with my tempo training and to prepare me for the long climbs of the Tour de France route. This session delivered the planned TSS of 65 with a normalised power for the session of 246W so not too hard but hard enough to know that at the end of it I had done some useful work. I wasn't starting fresh after yesterday's 2 hours which makes all the difference.

One of the many good things about the ErgVideo system is it's variabilty and in particular the fact that even during a tempo session such as this I rode a useful 10 minutes or so in my threshold training zone which is always desirable.

I have now got the planning of these workouts using the Intellicoach online tool down to just a minute or two which is great, certainly a lot quicker than manually producing a .erg file though now that I have my .erg file libraries available that's not realy an issue.

I often think as I'm working away what the Tour de France ride is going to be like but until I actually start I'm just not going to know. I'm sure there will be highs and lows but I just hope against hope that I can keep going and that I stay well. I'm training as best I can for the event but it would be nice to be 15-20 years younger but in the end there is damned all I can do about that. I'm just going to hope that all the hard work will make me physiologically young enough to make it, and I'll ignore the label that's attached to me, as usual :-)

I'm going have to keep a careful eye on my TSB which is falling steadily and I don't really want it to go too much below -10 at this stage. I have taken it far lower than that in the past but early in the season higher levels of fatigue are best avoided as they can just lead to premature burn-out and a tired and miserable spring, which is the last thing I want. I find that as I get fitter and I build my endurance I can tolerate lower TSB values so caution is the plan just now. As you can see I've kept my TSB deliberately high over the winter, there's just no point in flogging yourself to death at that time of year.

ATL: 74.9 CTL: 63.9 TSB: -11.8

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