Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday Training

No stopping me now! Having made the required prior arrangements I commuted on the bike today covering over 42 miles by the time I returned to base. Very cold again and for the return journey there was the added thrill of a freezing mist as it got dark, terrific.

No matter, I arrived home safely and feel surprisingly fresh, I'm pleased with how my return to the road is going so far and I still have a couple of weeks before spring arrives so all is going according to plan. Particularly during my return journey this evening I was starting to feel very much more at home and I felt comfortable on a series of harder surges to just see how things were going.

The conditions and the roads kept my average speed down to 17-18mph and I wasn't pushing hard at this stage, my HR for both trips recorded an average which was within my L2 HR zone.

Need to keep a careful eye on my CTL build as it's gathering pace and I don't want it to rise too quickly, my TSB today has now dropped to -16.6 and that's about as low as I want it to go at the present time so it's time for a couple of easier training days to slow the build down and allow my TSB to recover.

So, generally very happy with how things are going, it looks as if my indoor winter training has delivered the goods, I've just got to build my endurance from here on and hopefully all will be well, I just wish it was a lot warmer!

ATL: 89.8 CTL: 68.5 TSB: -16.6

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