Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday Training

Today I'd planned to ride with a mate of mine if the weather was half decent and I woke to find that it was dry, cool and bright, but very windy. Anyway, we got off to a good early start at around 08.30 and completed a Northwards loop up to Bamburgh before coming back down the coast for a hilly finish. We rode at a good steady tempo regardless of the terrain as you can see from the picture below showing HR (red) and elevation (brown). This was a good aerobic conditioning ride with some inevitably harder efforts thrown in when we hit the hills.

So, a productive ride without being over the top, TSS of 152 with a NP of 250W for the 2:16 we were out riding. TSB had recovered somewhat this morning which is what I'd intended for the week and if tomorrow goes according to plan I should end up with just a small drop in CTL for the week which is fine as if anything I'm currently a little ahead of target at present.

It's currently 94 days until I start my Tour de France journey which is about 13 weeks. I'd planned to ramp my CTL by an average of 2 points per week which, if I do that, would give me an additional 26 CTL points between now and departure. As you can see my current CTL is 73.4 so that ramp rate would give me a departure CTL of around 100 which is actually higher than I had originally planned. So, the position is that I can comfortably ease off my CTL ramp rate and still have a CTL when I depart which I have confidence in for the task in hand.

It's going to be hard, but it's going to be done.

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ATL: 82.2 CTL: 73.4 TSB: -1.9

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