Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday (not) Training

Sunday was the last day of my easier week and my TSB has come up nicely. There is always a CTL cost in doing this but it's important not to get to hung up on trying to make sure the CTL line moves ever upwards at the expense of one's health, vigour, and sanity. Letting it flatten or fall a little periodically as required is important if an overall climb is going to be secured and if one is going to continue to feel well.

The key I think to a long term CTL build is to try to make sure that your workouts during the week have a TSS of around your current daily CTL and to then try to make sure that your weekend longer rides exceed your current CTL giving an overall small boost for the week. An alternative of course is to do a longer ride during the week and give your CTL 2 "nudges" a week but that's not easy particularly when people have full time jobs.

Anyhow, back to the build next week and by the way my SKINS compression tights experiments are coming on nicely, more on that in due course.

ATL: 73.1 CTL: 71.6 TSB: -8.9

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