Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday Training

Exciting day today as I took delivery of a package from ErgVideo containing a bunch of ErgVideos I'd been waiting for to add to the 3 I already had. I'd ordered the Road Race Training Pack as well as several others. In case you were wondering I chose these ErgVideos not because I have any intention of starting road racing at this time of my life but because the contents of the videos are the perfect fit with the way I train and coach.

My plan is as well as my current approach to training and coaching is to also offer ErgVideo based coaching plans and I am now well advanced with my preparations to offer these, they will be a great addition to things.

Well, I couldn't take delivery of these ErgVideos and not start using them straight away could I? :-)  Today I opted to ride the 4 Man Team Trial ErgVideo and very challenging it was too. I quickly realised that one of our team had been dropped early on and that another didn't seem to me to be doing as much work as the "virtual me" in the video and another guy who was very strong. The upshot of this was that it felt like a 2 man TTT! To cut a long story short this was a hard session with a lot of supra-threshold surges as you can see from the power data. All in all this wasn't pretty but there is no doubt it was excellent training, as such sessions seem to be!

You can see from the graph (link below) what this session was like but the 65 minute session delivered a TSS of 90 ((IF 0.912), with an average power of 272W with an NP of 278W for the 65 minutes, this was not comfortable, far from it.

These videos have been a great addition to my training arsenal, I have no regrets at all in going down this route though being a VeloTron user it was a struggle to set up at first. I think that generally comes down to the PC setup you happen to be using and mine took more sorting out that others. No matter though, all sorted and stable now, running like a dream.

To review the data: click here.

ATL: 75.5 CTL: 72.2 TSB: -1.5

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