Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday Training

Tuesday's training was planned to be a slightly more sedate affair than yesterday's TTT. The weather once again is absolutely dreadful and there is now some local flooding. There is loads of standing water on the roads where drains have been overwhelmed and no chance whatsoever of training outside, another perfect ErgVideo training day.

One of the ErgVideos I took delivery of yesterday was the Tempo Club Ride which I reckoned would be ideal for today's training. I planned the workout using the IntelliCoach.ca Profile Toolbox to deliver the required TSS and away I went.

This was an excellent session and an excellent ErgVideo. I didn't ride the full video as I'd planned the session to be about 70 minutes in length to include the harder section in the middle. This was an extremely realistic session and there was plenty of hard work in it particularly when it got lively at about the hour mark! It was a shame in a way to finish when I did as the ride calmed down somewhat after the part I had already done but I'll save that for another day.

All in all a good session, felt strong throughout and was particularly pleased with how I felt able to deal with the harder surges up in the 350-390W range later in the ride, all felt very promising. It's always quite satisfying I feel when the heart rate data for a session shows a lower exertion pattern than that represented by the power data for the session, as is illustrated below for this session.

To review the data: click here.

ATL: 75.6 CTL: 72.3 TSB: -3.4

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