Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday Training

Endurance building continues with a decent length road ride today to round off the week's training. The weather was bright and cool and the plan was to be out for about 4 hours which I was, I ended up covering about 67 miles and generated a TSS of 213 which was rather more than I had planned, probably due to the wind and the fact that this was a pretty hilly route.

This has been a good solid week of training which has resulted in a weekly TSS of 714 with a total of 8711kJ of work performed. As you can see from the graph below I have been building things up for a few weeks now and I'm due to take my foot of the gas in the forthcoming week to slow my CTL build a little and ovoid tipping myself into a fatigued state.

After today's ride my TSB will be down at about -25 which is a bit lower than I want it to be, just another indicator that it's time to step back a little before things get at all out of hand. My plan is to take tomorrow as a rest day and just get a few things done, there is just no point in pushing too hard at this stage and risking unnecessary problems.

To review the session data: click here.

ATL: 100.3 CTL: 75.5 TSB: -13.8

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