Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday Training

Just finished watching Eddie Izzard complete his marathons, the guy is just a massive inspiration, best thing I've watched on the TV for a very long time. Talk about mental strength, puts the likes of me to shame.

Today's fun session on the VeloTron (raining outside) was made up of a .erg file generated from the power data from my homeward commute on Monday. The problem was that the commute in that direction has all the hills towards the end and the ride was generally into a very brisk headwind, needless to say the power profile was therefore "challenging".

Anyhow, after about 20 minutes of the ride I didn't feel up for it at all but reasoned that on the Tourmalet in July packing up won't be an option so I ploughed on and as often happens, things improved. By the end of the session I'd generated a TSS of 88 but I really didn't enjoy the surges up to 700W+ very much, they always seem so much harder on an indoor trainer.

The objective of the ride was achieved and my CTL build progresses, obviously as my CTL climbs so it becomes more challenging to keep it climbing. At least spring is almost with us and decent TSS numbers are far easier to come by on the road. The plan tomorrow, either on the road or indoors, is to find another 100 TSS ride to hit this week's CTL build target.

Onwards and upwards!

To review the data: click here.

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