Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thursday Training

Today's training session was made up of another ErgVideo session using the Ride to the Tour video. My current plan, as I've mentioned before, is mainly geared towards steadily raising my CTL before increasing the intensity of my training during the spring.

An "easy" way to do this is just my tracking one's CTL and it is then easy to plan workouts which deliver a steady climb, particularly using the ErgVideo system. To keep the CTL steadily climbing I just check my current CTL and then plan workouts for much of the week which deliver a TSS at or just above my current CTL.

So, with a current CTL of just under 70 today's workout was planned using the IntelliCoach system to deliver a TSS of 75, this ensures that my CTL keeps steadily rising but not rising too fast. Click here to see the pre-planned workout which I then transfer to the VeloTron. The main CTL bump up comes at the weekend now where I'll be trying to do some longer rides to build CTL and endurance.

The session went well with no real difficulties though this ErgVideo does have a couple of challenging climbs early on which provide a nice little period of work just above threshold, not so nice at the time though :-)  So, another session done and another day ticked off on the road to Paris, I'll just keep plugging away.

To review this session: click here.

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