Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wednesday Training

Wednesday's training session has to be squeezed in before setting off to work so I opted for a straightforward L3 aerobic conditioning session at a wattage varying between 76 and 90% of my FTP. The session went absolutely fine and passed pretty quickly, I did 2x25' efforts.

As I whirr away on the VeloTron my mind returns to the approaching Tour de France ride and as the time gets closer my anxiety levels slowly rise, it's going to be an awful long way on a bike but in spite of this I'm really looking forward to it still.

Tim Moore's book "French Revolutioins" is a hugely enjoyable read and contains some wonderful one liners such as his sad reflection on his final dismount on the Col d'Aubisque 4km from the summit: "But it was no good. I was not a climber. One of the final unexplored avenues for sporting glory was closing before me, and what was now left to a man of 36? Golf, perhaps. Darts. Curling?

Reading this and similar passages in the book I am bound I guess to reflect on Tim's experiences with one particular fact at the forefront of my mind - he was 15 years younger than me. Hmm...  I am utterly convinced that the challenge ahead will largely be won or lost in the mind, and I'm not in this to lose that battle. Tourmalet? Pah! I smile in your face and wish you were longer, you are no more than a mere pimple on the route! I wonder if I will regret typing that, maybe just a little, on the second ascent?

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