Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday Training

Thursday saw me return to the virtual slopes of Mt Ventoux for some steady tempo riding using an ErgVideo workout configured using the system. I planned the workout to deliver a TSS of around 80 and that's exactly what it did deliver and it arrested the fall in my CTL as I don't want to to drop too dramatically!

These sessions are never easy but I always feel at the end of them that I have done something which is actually going to help me in July, the key is going to be to be able to work hard, for a long time! Interested to read today that the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam has been illuminated in yellow for the 10 days that there are now to go before the start of the Tour de France, even less than that for me, read more here.

Hmm... 100 days, that doesn't sound very long at all!

ATL: 82.6 CTL: 73.2 TSB: -9.9

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