Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday Training

This week I have planned for a lighter week to allow my TSB to recover a little before pushing on and today's session was scheduled very much with that in mind. It's not often I do any L2 work on the VeloTron but today that's exactly what I did, just an hour at 56-75% of my FTP.

One of the founding principles of my training plan for the Tour de France ride is that I've always tried to train at a higher intensity than I intend to ride on the ride itself which is what Mark Beaumont did before his round the work record breaking ride. On the evidence of today's training session if I can get into a nice rhythm in July and just keep ploughing on at an upper L2 and lower L3 intensity I should be rolling along at quite  a nice pace which I can easily maintain and which should consume a decent proportion of my body fat for energy and spare limited glycogen.

Things will of course be different when I hit The Pyrenees and The Alps but I reckon if I can maintain a sweet spot type power output for most of the duration of the climbs I'll be making perfectly satisfactory progress and will not end up too shattered after each day in the mountains. That's the plan anyway!

ATL: 83 CTL: 73.1 TSB: -13.7

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