Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Training

Today was going to be a rest day but the weather was super, the perfect spring day with wall to wall sunshine. We didn't intend to waste a day like that so Lorena and went out on the tandem.

At a sedate pace, which we enjoyed, we covered 35 miles without any trouble rolling through the lanes to good old Bamburgh to visit the Copper Kettle Tea House in the picture above. Not sure if I was supposed to park the bike against the sign but it was the best place available :-)

Am typing up this blog on my BlackBerry using my little folding keyboard which is the setup I'm planning to use during the Tour de France ride in an effort to keep this blog up to date, or something like.

I'm planning to publish my ride data on a daily basis in the format below (inserted from a standard file). I will have zero averaging turned off on the Garmin 705 so the stops etc. will all be included in the numbers rather than just showing moving averages which distorts things somewhat.

If anyone has any suggestions about improving the data displayed I'm open to ideas. Just experimenting at the moment, important to get these systems sorted out well before departure rather than be fumbling around when I'm riding The Tour for real. No power data from today's ride, no meter on the tandem :-)

Anyhow, this is how the data will look in July, though obviously more complete in July ;-)

Ride Time: 2:40:36
Ride Distance: 36.59 miles
Average Speed: 13.67 mph
Average Heart Rate: 114 bpm
Maximum Power: n/a
Average Power: n/a
Normalised Power: n/a
Intensity Factor: n/a
Training Stress Score: 105
Acute Training Load: 86.4
Chronic Training Load: 77.0
Training Stress Balance: -7.7

Route map below:

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