Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday Training

The picture above was I thought quite a good example of exactly how cyclist friendly the roads around here are these days, Nice elevated metal grid edge, on an angle, and just perfectly aligned in the part of the road mainly used by cyclists, couldn't have been planned to be more dangerous really.

Anyway, moan over. Today's solo tempo ride really went pretty well in spite of having to do battle with a strong headwind for significant parts of the route, I guess this serves to make one really appreciate the all too short parts where the wind is behind you.

Pleased with the overall speed for a windy solo ride and the TSS for the ride gave me a nice little CTL boost. It looks as if I will once again hit my weekly CTL target without having to do too long or hard a ride tomorrow which is good, as the weather looks set to deteriorate.

Things generally looking pretty +ve at the moment. Still testing out my Tour de France ride communication arrangements, slowly getting better at typing on the folding keyboard!

Ride Time: 2:22:42
Ride Distance: 46.68 miles
Elevation Gain: 1777'
Average Speed: 19.6 mph
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Maximum Power: 827W
Average Power: 237W
Normalised Power: 258W
Intensity Factor: 0.846
Training Stress Score: 170.2
Acute Training Load: 95.7
Chronic Training Load: 79.3
Training Stress Balance: -9.3

Map of the route below:

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