Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Training

Today was the most unpleasant ride I have done for some considerable time I'm afraid to say.

The weather wasn't too bad when I set off but got progressively worse as time went by and much of the ride was into a very strong headwind. The only real variable was whether it was raining or not or whether the rain turned to hail for a while. You can see from the sky in one of the photos above what sort of a day it was, it was gruesome.

Anyhow, I ploughed on and in the end completed my hilly 50 mile circuit in a little over 3 hours which given the conditions on a solo ride wasn't too bad, this was intended to be a steady endurance ride having done the higher intensity work yesterday, it ended up as rather an ordeal.

I found that in the latter part of the ride I was becoming ever colder and by the end I could barely feel my feet in spite of my overshoes. It seems that spring has gone already, maybe it's down to the volcanic ash coming from Iceland!

A much harder ride than I had expected it to be as you can see from the TSS figures below. I am ahead of my intended CTL build target at the end of this week so a day off tomorrow for sure.

Ride Time: 3:10:50
Ride Distance: 50.43 miles
Cumulative Distance: n/a
Elevation Gain: 1255 metres
Average Speed: 15.9 mph
Average Heart Rate: 133 bpm
Maximum Power: 628W
Average Power: 200W
Normalised Power: 237W
Intensity Factor: 0.778
Training Stress Score: 192.8
Acute Training Load: 106.5
Chronic Training Load: 82
Training Stress Balance: -16.4

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Mapof the route below:

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  1. I know the feeling. Had one of those days at a 200K brevet three weeks ago. There´s little chance You may rest outside, is there?

  2. 'twas a gruesome ride. To be honest I did question my sanity at times but it's always good when the end comes!