Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday Training

A new ErgVideo experience for me today from my recent order. I wanted to generate a TSS of around 85 so I configured a workout using the Adirondack Club Rde ErgVideo to deliver this. The session lasted just under 80 minutes and delivered the planned TSS with a NP of 244W, IF 0.799, just what was required.

Great scenery on this ErgVideo which I'll not go into in too much detail but I'm sure anyone who has watched it will appreciate the sentiment! I know the guy who was wearing the headcam will know what I mean ;-)

Not an easy ride this as there are a couple of long climbs and some powerful surges from one of the riders in particular but excellent training for the fun and games coming my way in July. On the recovery from exercise front I am continuing with my experimentation and evaluation of compression clothing and will be reporting on this in due course, it's interesting.

To review the data: click here.

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