Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Training

Good steady road wide today with quite a few hills thrown in, certainly enough to take me over the 1000' per hour of climbing which for me marks a ride out as being in the hilly category. Weather cold and grey again but at least the wind had dropped from yesterday though it did pick up in the second half of the ride.

Felt a bit tired today after yesterday's MultiRider session but the ride went fine and my moving average speed in the hills was around 17mph which is fine for a solo ride in early April. Quite a nice thought actually looking at the ride time that I could reasonably comfortably ride a hilly solo century at the moment in well under 6 hours so I think I'm reasonably well on track for this time of year in terms of the sustainable riding pace I want before my Tour de France ride.

Did have one very nasty moment today when I went round a bend at some speed on what is normally a nice piece of road (one of the few), to be greeted by a vast mud slick left by the farmer covering the full width of the road, the whole thing was like a skid pan. Managed to stay upright but did end up on the wrong side of the road which was fortunately clear. So much for the law requiring roads to be cleared of mud, the whole road system here is just a disgrace.

Today's ride gave my CTL a nice little nudge, being quite hilly and longer it clocked up aTSS of over 200. My performance management chart is shown below and as you see as planned I have managed to bring my TSB back up to a better level as I don't like to see it too low, without sacrificing too much in the way of CTL. So, the time is right now to push on again, my TSB will start to fall again as I increase the training volume and then I''ll have to let it recover, and so it goes on, hopefully with a steady climb in CTL over the weeks and months.

To review the ride data: click here.

ATL: 86 CTL: 74.6 TSB: +1.0

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