Saturday, 3 April 2010

Saturday Training

Today's CompuTrainer MultiRider session went really well and was a terrific experience, it really is an excellent training system and package, I particularly enjoyed being able to do a ride in good company using a power file generated initially out on the road, fantastic.

After yesterday's rest day I have now finally managed to allow my TSB to become very slightly positive for the first time since 20.02.2010 and I'm feeling better for it. The problem is that this nice state of affairs cannot last and now that it's come up it is time to start to push it back down again as I start the next step up in CTL, hopefully beginning with a road ride tomorrow, weather permitting.

Today's MultiRider session yielded a TSS of 89 which was nice, the normalised power for the ride was 229W with a maximum of 462W hit at some point along the way, good L2/L3 training, with an average HR of 140.

A good day, having started pretty badly with the campervan breakdown!

To review the session data: click here.

ATL: 70.4 CTL: 71.3 TSB +2.8

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