Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thursday Training

Pretty pleased with how things are going at the moment and today's ErgVideo session went well delivering a TSS of 85 as planned, not a hard session with a NP of 230W for the 90 minutes with a heart rate comfortably in HR Z2.

Still finding at present that I seem to be recovering well and not getting too tired, I'm glad I backed off a few weeks back when my TSB was getting down towards -20, that pause in my CTL build has I think made all the difference. I am less and less convinced about the wisdom of conventional periodisation, for which there is little evidence in any case. I think it's far better to take a pause when you need to rather than simply because you have done 3 weeks of your plan and the next week must therefore be an easy week. I just don't think the human body works like that and it tells us when we need to rest, all we have to do is listen carefully to it.

I would think another couple of weeks should see my CTL rise to above 80 which is always a bit of a milestone for me. From past experience when I reach the 80-85 level in terms of CTL I'm reasonably fit and can deal with most things that I want to do in terms of cycling and all things being equal I'll have reached that point still with a couple of months to go before departure.

It's getting close!

To review the session data: click here.

ATL: 84.1 CTL: 76.4 TSB: -7.7

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