Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday Training

Another week of training comes to a close with a ride through this little village on the Northumberland coast.

Just about 7 weeks left now and this has been another good week. I've held my CTL pretty steady this week and allowed my TSB to rise a bit. It's all working out fine and I'm well on track with my build and have so far avoided digging a big fatigue hole for myself.

My last day off was last Monday and the day-to-day training is going well, I felt really pretty good today after yesterday's 100+ TSS MultiRider session which is very encouraging.

Hoping the weather will pick up a bit because I would like to get another century ride in next weekend if possible, then just 2 weeks until the Tour du Nord which will put the seal on my endurance training.

After that it's just down to maintaining the intensity before I roll down the start ramp in Amsterdam, Cancellara will I am sure be watching closely to see the kind of time he need to be aiming for ;-)

Ride Time: 01:51 hh:mm
Work Done: 1516kJ
Training Stress Score: 129
Intensity Factor: 0.835
Normalised Power: 255W
Variability Index: 1.12
Ride Distance: 35.41 miles
Cumulative Distance: n/a miles
Elevation Gain: 1929 feet
Maximum Power: 591W
Average Power: 227W
Average Heart Rate: 138bpm
Average Speed: 19.1mph
Acute Training Load: 104.8
Chronic Training Load: 89.9
Training Stress Balance: -12.8

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