Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday (not) Training

Lovely down by the old river bridge in Warkworth this morning, almost too nice to go in to work! ;-)  It's longer than I can remember since I did this but this week I'm going to be having 3 full days at a stretch of no training. This is far from ideal but I'm just going to call it a period of full recovery before pushing on, it sounds far better than laziness ;-)

In any event I'm ahead of my CTL build target so the sudden CTL fall is no big deal particularly with the Tour du Nord coming up in 10 days time which will generate a TSS score of at least 1300  over the 4 days which will see my CTL skyrocket. The trrick then will be to maintain some high intensity work, but not too much, to ensure that I go into the Tour de France ride with a high CTL and a high TSB, then I'll be ready!

Truth of the matter is that yesterday was a rest day, working all day today, then lots of time this evening getting ready for a trip to London tomorrow. Early start in the morning to get the train to London and a late return, not much I can do about it really! Anyhow, hopefully the trip will be worthwhile, excited about it, great possibilities.

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